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Americans rally for impeachment of ‘travel ban’ judges – WND

(WND) Americans are already planning at least 51 pro-Trump rallies across the nation in the coming weeks, but at least one crowd of protesters in Memphis, Tenn., will meet March 4 to also demand impeachment of the two federal judges who blocked President Trump’s travel ban.

“People I talk with want President Trump to know that we stand with him; and that we, too, see that the judiciary is coming off the rails. Furthermore, we are ready to do something about it,” said rally organizer and Memphis Tea Party founder Mark Skoda in a press release posted to Facebook.

The Nashville rally is scheduled for March 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Legislative Plaza.

Skoda said he receives calls daily from activists and concerned citizens, and nearly all of the people calling are disgusted by the media’s “gross mischaracterization of the huge support President Trump has in Tennessee, and deep misgivings about the nonsensical decisions we see coming from the courts.”

As WND reported at the time, Skoda was an early leader in the tea-party movement, which helped Republicans win 63 seats and regain control of the U.S. House in 2010.

Skoda said, “Now in 2017, we are turning our attention of the third, often overlooked, part of government: the judicial branch. The time has come for Americans to finally confront our out-of-control judiciary.

“We will urge our representatives to impeach, and for the Senate to try, convict and remove individuals like Judge James Robart in Washington and Judge Leonie Brinkema in Virginia. Their decisions are a stain on the court. They expose an allegiance not to the Constitution to which they swore an oath to uphold, but instead to a leftist ideology that is, in fact, anti-constitutional,” he said.

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