Unholy alliance: Why Islamists and secular left work together

Why would globalist elites want to allow millions of unassimilable Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa into the West?

That is the question at the heart of the current refugee crisis, and WND news editor Leo Hohmann answered it during a recent interview on “The Alex Jones Show.”

“In my opinion, what we see is an unholy alliance between the secular globalist left and the religious globalist Islamists,” Hohmann told Jones. “On the face of it, they would seem to have little in common, because you think of the secular left as being feminist and pro-woman and pro-gay rights and all that, whereas Islamists tend to not be too fond of those things. But if you look a little deeper, they really do have a lot in common.”

For one thing, Hohmann noted, Islamists and the secular left share a common enemy: Christianity and Judeo-Christian values. They both disdain national borders: Islamists want to establish a global caliphate while the secular globalist left desires a single unified super-state. Islamists believe in a cradle-to-grave nanny state, a principle that Shariah law shares in common with secular socialists. And they both advocate violent revolution.

“On the Islamist side, you have jihad and violent revolution, and the socialists, as we’ve seen, are now getting more and more violent and are all for revolution – revolutionary overthrow of the American system,” Hohmann said.

“They both also have a common disdain for free speech. They are completely intolerant of free speech. We saw that on the campus of Berkeley [earlier this month], and we see it all the time of course in Muslim countries, where you cannot speak out against Islam or Muhammad or anything that Islam says is sacred. It’s a crime; you can lose your head.”

So the two groups have more in common than people think, Hohmann concluded, and he expects them to work out their differences after they both gain sufficient power at the global level.

“And why do they want to flood our countries with refugees from the Third World, Alex?” he asked. “I think it’s to break down society, to cause instability, divisions, and wear down our social cohesion and what’s left of patriotic nationalist Americans, hardworking, middle-class Americans.”

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