‘Moonlight’ Wins Best Picture After ‘La La Land’ Accidentally Announced


“Moonlight” walked away with best picture honors at the end of Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, but not before a huge mistake that had everyone believing “La Land” had won the big prize.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway misread the card, and the “La La Land” cast took the stage.

Beatty came back on stage and explained his long pause before reading the name was because the envelope read Emma Stone, “La La Land.” Actress Faye Dunaway read the name “La La Land” after chiding Beatty for taking so long to read the winner.

Host Jimmy Kimmel joked that he blamed Steve Harvey, host of the 2016 Miss Universe contest who misread his card and also announced the wrong winner.

The film tells the story of a boy’s journey to adulthood through his rough upbringing in Miami. The film stars Naomi Harris as the boy’s drug-addicted mother, and Mahershala Ali as a drug dealer-turned mentor for the boy.

“Moonlight” has provided some of the stiffest competition during Hollywood’s awards season for the musical “La La Land,” which was nominated for a history-tying 14 Academy Awards.

Emma Stone’s portrayal of a struggling actress in “La La Land” won her the best actress Academy Award.

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