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Independent vs. mainstream news at the White House press conference

(CitizensOutpost) Independent news reporters are starting to get access to the White House press conferences and they’re already turning heads within the ranks.  The Gateway Pundit received their official White House press credentials and was already met with some contention from a Fox News reporter:

As reporters were getting settled ahead of Friday’s briefing, the Fox correspondent Jon Decker pointed out that a reporter from Gateway Pundit, Lucian Wintrich, was in the room and that they “hate blacks, Jews, Hispanics,” according to BuzzFeed White House correspondent Adrian Carrasquillo, who tweeted about the incident.

Decker also sent an email to the entire White House reporter email listserv, noting that the White House “has admitted Gateway Pundit into today’s White House Press Briefing.”

While some in the White House briefing room say the White House should be open to any and all outlets, others have expressed concern with certain outlets being legitimized via their White House credentials.

It appears that the established media is not taking kindly to independent news reporters and is quickly labeling such outlets as conspiracy theorists and questioning their legitimacy:

“‘Telling the truth’ is not, by any objective measure, what the Gateway Pundit does. If you have a conspiracy theory or a hoax you want to spread, Hoft is your guy,” Callum Borchers wrote in the Washington Post in January.

President Trump has already been noted for his disdain of some of the mainstream media outlets, primarily CNN has been called out as “fake news”, so it comes as no surprise that the press conferences are being opened up to additional, alternative media outlets.  It will be interesting to see how the press narratives continue to evolve as there will presumably be continuing contention between reporters and their varying degrees of media bias.

Source: Fox News Radio correspondent confronts Gateway Pundit reporter in White House briefing room – POLITICO

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