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Update: New York Dodges Winter Storm Stella

(CitizensOutpost) New York is getting ready to be hit by Winter Storm Stella.  The worst part of the storm is expected to his Tuesday morning through the afternoon.  Blizzard warnings have been issued, and latest estimates put the snow fall from 8 to 12 inches for New York City.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urges┬áresidents to avoid unnecessary travel and help keep the roads clear for sanitation crews and first responders ahead of the arrival of Winter Storm Stella,┬áa nor’easter that’s expected to bring heavy snow and strong winds Tuesday.

“We’re preparing for a significant storm on Tuesday, and New Yorkers should also prepare for snow and dangerous road conditions,” de Blasio said.

A storm surge of 2 to 3 feet is also expected around the coast, which could produce small to moderate flooding.

Update: According to CBS New York, the blizzard warning has been cancelled.  It looks like DC will be getting the brunt of the storm now.


Photo by Walking Off the Big Apple