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President Trump’s First 50 Days

(CitizensOutpost) The White House has published a list of actions that President Trump has taken which outlines the fulfillment of many of his campaign promises.  Among the different sections includes:

  • Jump Starting Job Creation
  • Cutting Government Red Tape
  • Reforming Washington
  • Putting Patient Healthcare First
  • Prioritizing American National Security
  • Delivering on Immigration Reform
  • Restoring Public Safety to American Communities
  • Helping Women and Minorities Succeed
  • Keeping His Promise to Defend the Constitution

Some of the key elements includes how the President has worked within the private sector to deliver new jobs, the promotion of lessening the amount of regulations in the government, and placing a hiring freeze on Federal civilian employees.

Source: President Trump’s First 50 Days of Action: Achieving Results for the American People | whitehouse.gov