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States See Green Light for Voter ID Laws

(CitizensOutpost) States are feeling empowered to enact voter ID laws now that opposition from the previous administration has been withdrawn:

State legislatures have begun pushing voter identification proposals since Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the Justice Department to withdraw from its legal fight against Texas’s voter ID law.

The move by Sessions is a reversal of the previous administration’s DOJ six-year legal battle against the Texas law.

Texas has passed one of the strictest voter ID laws in the U.S. in 2011 which required its voters to provide a driver’s license, passport or other government-issued photo ID before a ballot could be cast.  The prior Obama administration blocked the law in 2013.  Although Texas Republicans revised the voter ID bill a week before the Department of Justice announced the lawsuit withdrawal, other state lawmakers are seeing the green light draw up their own voter ID laws:

[…]state lawmakers seeing an opportunity with the change in policy with the new administration followed suit to join the more than 30 states with voter ID requirements at the polls. At least 16 states are considering voter ID proposals in their state legislatures.

Iowa legislators passed a bill last week that allowed for five different forms of photo ID, including its own new state-issued voter ID card.  West Virginia proposed a voter ID bill that removes its Automatic Voter Registration program from its driver’s license application.  Arkansas and Nevada have also proposed similar measures.  The net effect of these laws should reduce the amount of voter fraud that flourished in a generally lax election process.

Source: State Legislatures Consider More Voter ID Law Proposals | The Daily Caller

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