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Humiliated: Missile EXPLODES on launchpad a day after Kim Jong Un boasted North Korea is ‘ready for war’


(CitizensOutpost) In seemingly dramatic fashion, The Sun has reported that North Korea’s latest missile test fails within seconds of launching, turning into a heaping fireball:

US military chiefs confirmed Kim’s rocket had erupted into a ball of flames moments after take-off.

US commander Dave Benham said: “US Pacific Command detected what we assess was a failed North Korean missile launch attempt.”

South Korea confirmed it had also tracked the rocket – just a fortnight after Kim’s regime successfully tested four missiles.

It responded by launching air force drills with the US over the Korean peninsular this morning.

A North Korean missile test exploded seconds after launch, the US and South Korea confirmed. TV in the South played footage of a previous missile launch as the reports emerged today

North Korea has been ramping up their war rhetoric as of late, presumably testing the diplomacy of the new Trump administration.  Recently, a North Korean propaganda video showed a U.S. aircraft carrier being blown up, adding to the the country’s vitriol against the U.S.  and threats of nuclear warfare.

As previously reported, Japan has been on high alert given its proximity to North Korea and North Korea appears to have the capability to launch an attack at least as far as Hawaii.  Although China has expressed interest in easing tensions between North Korea and the U.S, Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson has recently stated that the “policy of strategic patience” was over and that the possibility of military action is on the table.

Source: Kim Jong-un humiliated as missile EXPLODES on launchpad a day after despot boasted North Korea is ‘ready for war’ – The Sun

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