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White House Admits Obama’s ‘Deep State’ Working to Stop Trump

(CitizensOutpost) The White House admitted Tuesday that the government contains an inner core of employees whose loyalties do not align with the Trump administration.  Not a new revelation, it is quite common for many employees from within the government to retain their positions throughout multiple administrations, however, the unification of these hold-overs would pose a challenge to incoming administrations whose policies conflict with the status quo of a powerful group of elites from within.

When Press Secretary Sean Spicer was questioned by Newsmax’s John Gizzi, the idea of the “Deep State” came up:

“This has been widely repeated on social media: Does the president himself believe in this deep state?” Gizzi asked.

Spicer replied: “I’ve been asked this question before, and I’ll give you the same answer I’ve given before. This has been going on since the country came to be, where people burrow in after an administration into a civil servant job.”

He added, ominously, “But, sure, there are people after eight years of Obama that found their way into government, so it should be no huge secret.”

This notion of a “deep state” portion of the government was also brought up by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who said “There’s a permanent state of massive bureaucracies that do whatever they want and set up deliberate leaks to attack the president.”

As previously reported by the NY Post, Obama and some of his former administration personnel have set up a shadow government within two miles from Trump where Obama will be organizing political strategies through his well-funded leftist nonprofits.

Source: WH Admits Obama’s ‘Deep State’ Working to Stop Trump – Newsmax

Photo by Gage Skidmore