Health experts: Stop peeling your vegetables –

(Natural News) Good news for the lazy cook: you can, and should, stop peeling your fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists and dieticians say that doing so actually removes essential vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. Current data show that keeping peels on gives the most health benefits. Peels contain more fiber and vitamins than the actual fruit or vegetable itself, researchers have discovered.

A-Peel-Ing Food

Most people argue that peeling is healthier because we avoid harmful chemicals you typically find in the skins of fruits and vegetables. Many farms use artificial — and normally dangerous — substances in their growing process. These chemicals linger on the skin and are then ingested. Additional research says that these ingredients are not destroyed in traditional cooking processes. The fear of unintentionally taking in chemicals began the practice of taking off the peels.

Nutritionists counter, however, that good washing or rinsing is enough to rid the food of chemicals. Registered dietitian Mary Jane Detroyer says, “many people think they have to scrub their vegetables with soap and water to remove any of the chemicals, but if you just run them over with water, you’ll get rid of the dirt.”

Those who are still worried about chemical contamination are encouraged to buy smart and choose organic food. They can also choose to buy from their local farms where they can regularly monitor the growing process.

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