Sluggish sales force beer companies to enter booming health market –

(Natural News) Nothing says fitness like a pint of beer, at least in the eyes of Big Alcohol’s corporate bigwigs who are trying to retain health-conscious customers. In a hilarious effort to draw back folks who no longer want to slug all that fattening booze, the Anheuser-Busch corporation is launching a new program called “ULTRA 95” that delivers so-called customized fitness workouts to people who want to drink beer and still stay fit.

A product of the Michelob Ultra brand, ULTRA 95 contains 12 unique audio workouts that are designed to burn off 95 calories each – which just so happens to be the same amount of calories found in a single serving of Michelob Ultra beer. According to the company, it supposedly only takes 10 minutes of exercise to reverse the caloric damage caused by consuming one of its beers, so drink up to your health!

In partnership with Rodale Inc., a leading global health and fitness content company, Anheuser-Busch developed the program to sync with popular “listening” services like those programmed into Amazon’s Echo, Dot, and Tap devices. All users have to do is speak into the machine and, voila, it will tell them exactly what to do to counter the effects of knocking back a cold one.

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