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Sessions Puts 10 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ on Notice

(CitizensOutpost) In an interview on the Fox News Channel, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said he sent a letter to 10 cities that have been deemed “sanctuary cities”, which may be in violation of the law:

Sessions warned a failure to respond to those letters could result in those cities losing their federal funding.

“Last year, the Obama administration sent out notices that people had to comply with this cooperative language in the law that was passed several years ago,” Sessions explained. “And we sent out a letter today to 10 cities that the Inspector General’s office last year said were potentially in violation of the law involving deportation in sanctuary cities. We expect them to respond. If they don’t respond, they should not receive the grants because the grants were issued on condition of cooperation.”

This is the beginning of a crack down on certain city and state level political spheres that have been in opposition to the recently ramped up immigration policies and enforcement by the Trump administration.

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