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Is ‘grand illusion’ about Grand Canyon on verge of being exposed? – WND

(WND) A geologist is suing the National Park Service and its operations at Grand Canyon National Park because officials there refused him permission to do ordinary research due to his “Christian faith and scientific viewpoints informed by his Christian faith.”

The case was brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Andrew Snelling, who works with Answers in Genesis.

AIG said in a statement: “Apparently, Dr. Snelling’s most recent research project on behalf of a high-profile group (AiG) was deemed a threat to the prevailing viewpoint of the canyon’s formation and timing. The language used by park officials and its reviewers to describe Dr. Snelling’s proposal decry that a Christian and creationist seeks to do the research.”

The group said Snelling’s proposed study “could yield results that will undermine an idea that is heavily promoted inside the park: namely, that the canyon’s strata were formed over millions of years.

“With his intended research, Dr. Snelling seeks to gather samples at folds inside the canyon where all the layers were bent, but were not shattered because the rocks were still soft as they folded – supposedly remaining soft over a period of 450 million years.”

Snelling said the case “is all about giving the freedom for a scientist to do good science without having to undergo a religious litmus test.”

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