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Is ISIS Responsible For California Wildfires? – Newswars.com

(Newswars) Historic wildfires are raging in western United States, Spain and Portugal, and officials are beginning to speculate that the blazes are acts of terrorism, which could implicate a variety of groups or individuals – including ISIS-inspired jihadists.

In a┬árecent edition┬áof Rumiyah, ISIS’ online propaganda magazine and instruction manual, the Islamic State called on readers to execute arson attacks against the “despicable crusaders” in an article titled, “Just Terror Tactics.”

“Throughout history and until the present day, incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerilla warfare, as well as in ‘lone wolf’ terrorism,” the article reads. “Such attacks have been behind the destruction of towns, neighborhoods, and public, private, and governmental property, while likewise claiming numerous lives.”

The article contains detailed instructions on how to make incendiary devices, how to carry out attacks – and how to set forest fires.

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