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More Deep State Leaks about the Saudi Civil War and Potentially Imminent False Flag Attacks

(CitizensOutpost) As previously reported, a former Special Forces Command Officer continues to break key intelligence on Info Wars about the recently sparked Saudi Civil War whose conception has connections to the recently buried Las Vegas shooting narrative.  Since the shooting, there has been a massive Saudi purge of Deep State-backed operatives in Saudi Arabia commenced by Crown Prince bin Salman rounding up key figures including Prince Alwaleed who is publicly invested in US corporations including Twitter and management companies of high level floors of the MGM Mandalay Bay Hotel.  As a result, Saudi Arabia has erupted into civil war over this new power struggle, including the mysterious crashing of a helicopter that included high ranking Saudi officials.  New revelations leaked about the intelligence gathered from the Yemen raid that occurred in February are implicating John McCain in a treasonous scandal involving ISIS and al-Qaeda backed CIA operatives who are being cut off from their money sources by Trump-backed military and intelligence forces.  These groups are being left with no choice but to go rogue (as indicated by the recent Yemeni missile strike against Saudi Arabia which the Saudi government has interpreted as a potential act of war by proxy from Iran) which could lead to the triggering of their CIA-backed terrorist cells within the U.S.  This could potentially lead to an eruption of false flag attempts within the country.  Watch the video below to see how the intelligence is broken down by the officer who, consequently, is being co-opted by the FBI to prevent the future leaking of this key intel: