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Former Assistant Director of FBI James Kallstrom Rips James Comey

(CitizensOutpost)  Former Assistant Director of the FBI, James Kallstrom let the mainstream media know just what he thinks of James Comey:

James Kallstrom: James Comey, the notion that Barack Obama was going to let Hillary Clinton was going to be indicted that was obvious to anybody who knows anything at the very beginning… Unfortunately, it turns out he was a political hack... I think he maybe started out in an honorable way. His opinion of himself is sky high. Unbelievable guy. Just an arrogance about him… I think he thought he was Superman and found out he wasn’t. The dogs are always going to bite you on your heels when you’re dealing with the Clintons. Look how long the American people have been dealing with the crime syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation… We got all these major crime things bubbling – All of which are 20 times bigger than Watergate! And nothing seems to be happening… The Attorney General is in a coma!

Source: Former Asst. FBI Director UNLOADS=> Comey Is a Hack – Jeff Sessions Is in a Coma! (VIDEO)