ISIS may have inadvertently verified the Bible – WND

(WND) ISIS jihadists might have inadvertently documented the historicity of the Bible, according to a worldwide Christian ministry.Initial indications suggest ISIS destruction of the tomb of Jonah in Mosul, Iraq, “may actually have unearthed archaeological evidence that corroborates the historicity of a part of the Bible that has no parallel in the Quran,” said the Barnabas […]

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Trump asks Congress to probe alleged illicit campaign investigations – AFP

Washington (AFP) – President Donald Trump is asking Congress to probe “potentially politically motivated investigations” during the 2016 campaign, the White House said Sunday. The announcement came one day after Trump took to Twitter to accuse his predecessor Barack Obama of tapping his phones ahead of the November election, without providing evidence of the explosive […]

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Reactions Mixed on Trump Wiretapping Accusations, Even From Obama’s Side – Newsmax

(Newsmax) A spokesman for former President Barack Obama strongly denied President Donald Trump’s tweeted accusation that his predecessor had his Trump Tower offices wiretapped, while another former Obama official cautioned to be careful while considering the official statement. “A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any […]

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Donald Trump claims ‘sick’ Barack Obama had his ‘phones tapped in Trump Tower’ before US election win – The Sun

  (CitizensOutpost) On Saturday, Trump sensationally claimed ‘sick’ Barack Obama had his “wires tapped” in Trump Tower during the US election. In an astonishing salvo of early morning tweets, the firebrand President claimed his predecessor had bugged his phones during the “very sacred election process”, slamming the allegations as a “Nixon/Watergate” scandal. Trump, who started the Twitter […]

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Mom wants teacher fired for using Ouija board with kindergarten students – WISN ABC

(WISN ABC) An outraged mother is calling on Milwaukee Public Schools officials to fire a kindergarten teacher who introduced the young students in her class to a Ouija board.The mom, who asked to not be publicly named, said the game was used on Friday in her 5-year-old’s classroom at Zablocki Elementary. “They were shutting off the […]

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Report: Obama Admin Funneled Billions Into Left-Wing Activist Groups | Daily Wire

(Daily Wire) As reported by Fox News on Wednesday, congressional investigators claim the Obama Administration funneled billions of dollars to left-wing activist groups—such as the National Council of La Raza, National Urban League and National Community Reinvestment Coalition—through a slush fund scheme of the Department of Justice.”Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a […]

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On the offense: Trump goes after Shumer and Pelosi for hypocrisy over ‘Russian ties’

(CitizensOutpost) Donald Trump is going on the offense and taking to his Twitter and Facebook pages to slam Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi over the accusing narrative of Russian ties to himself and Attorney General Jeff Sessions: As previously reported, Democrats and appointees held over from the Obama administration seem poised to push the Russian ties narrative […]