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Have Biblical Adam and Eve Been Found by Genetic Science?

(Breaking Israeli News)  Following the recent trend of congruence between science and Bible in different fields, fresh genetic research suggests that all females are descended from a single female and all males from a single male – corresponding with the Biblical account of Adam and Eve. For many years the multiregional hypothesis, suggesting multiple origins for […]

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Is ‘grand illusion’ about Grand Canyon on verge of being exposed? – WND

(WND) A geologist is suing the National Park Service and its operations at Grand Canyon National Park because officials there refused him permission to do ordinary research due to his “Christian faith and scientific viewpoints informed by his Christian faith.” The case was brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Andrew Snelling, who works with […]


This new solar-powered device can pull water straight from the desert air | Science | AAAS

  (Science | AAAS) You can’t squeeze blood from a stone, but wringing water from the desert sky is now possible, thanks to a new spongelike device that uses sunlight to suck water vapor from air, even in low humidity. The device can produce nearly 3 liters of water per day, and researchers say future […]


Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples – BBC News

(BBC News) Scientists at the University of Ottawa have developed a way of growing human cells and tissue on apples. This biohacking discovery opens the door to new possibilities for the future of regenerative medicine. Watch the video here: Source: Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples – BBC News


SpaceX Says It Will Fly 2 People to Moon Next Year – Breitbart

  CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — SpaceX said Monday it will fly two people to the moon next year, a feat not attempted since NASA’s Apollo heyday close to half a century ago. (Breitbart) Tech billionaire Elon Musk – the company’s founder and chief executive officer – announced the surprising news barely a week after […]

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Flat Earth Movement Gaining Momentum

(CitizensOutpost) Even in the 21st century, the debate over the shape of the earth doesn’t seem to have lost any steam.  The rise of the internet and social media has propelled a quest for knowledge in fields that the average person would assume was a closed case.  A quick search on YouTube for “flat earth” will […]


Are Human-Animal Hybrids Scientists Make Human, Beast, Or Between?

With the news cycle understandably focused on the early Trump administration, an important non-Trump story did not received the attention it deserves. Recently, researchers created a human-pig hybrid. This creature is called a “chimera”—a name, as Merriam Webster says, taken from a monster in Greek mythology that was part lion, goat, and serpent. The research […]