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Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns

(Washington Post)  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is entertaining the idea of appointing a second special counsel to investigate a host of Republican concerns — including alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation and the controversial sale of a uranium company to Russia — and has directed senior federal prosecutors to explore at least some of the […]

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FBI requests Senate documents, signaling potential probe into illegal sale of fetal tissue

(The Hill)  The FBI has asked the Senate for unredacted documents it obtained from abortion providers, signaling agents may be investigating whether Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers illegally sold fetal tissue and body parts, according to sources familiar with the document request. The request was made in recent days, the sources said, to the […]

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GOP lawmakers tell Sessions to probe Clinton-Comey or resign

(Washington Times)  Two House Republicans delivered an ultimatum Monday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, telling him either to name a special counsel to investigate FBI Director James Comey’s handling of last year’s election, or else resign to clear the way for someone who will. Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Matt Gaetz of Florida said questions are piling […]

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Civil war within the NFL as owners reportedly explore ousting Jerry Jones from Cowboys

(Washington Times)  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has waged a war with the NFL over the possible extension of Roger Goodell’s contract. Now, other NFL owners are firing back. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, some NFL owners have explored ousting Jones from his control over the Cowboys. Florio writes: A league source with knowledge […]

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Missouri attorney general launches Google antitrust investigation

(Axios)  Missouri’s attorney general is investigating Google for potential violations of the state’s competition and consumer protection laws. Why it matters: The United States has lagged behind Europe in pursuing antitrust cases against tech giants. It’s not clear that that’s going to change anytime soon in Washington, but state AGs could channel a rising skepticism of […]