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Why the GOP Congress will be the most unproductive in 164 years – The Week

(The Week) Just six months ago, it looked like the Republican Party was about to go on a legislative blitzkrieg, shredding law after law passed by the Obama administration. ObamaCare would be vaporized and replaced with a nickel rattling inside an empty Mountain Dew can. Dodd-Frank was sure to be tossed aside for a transparent […]

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Donald Trump alleges ‘wire-tapping’…Congress agrees to investigate

(CitizensOutpost) Donald Trump is going on the offense as a committee in Congress agreed to look into his claims that the former president Obama and his administration abused executive powers in last year’s election. This comes a day after he claimed his predecessor ordered a wiretap of the phones at Trump Tower in New York, Mr Trump’s campaign […]

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Trump calls on Democrats, Republicans to come together in speech to Congress – Washington Times

(Washington Times) Seeking to jump-start his legislative agenda, President Trump stood before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night and demanded that lawmakers work with him to crack down on illegal immigration, increase economic growth and rebuild the U.S. military — sticking to the campaign promises that resonated with blue-collar Americans and put him […]

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