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China says it does not want a trade war with US but its actions say otherwise

(CitizensOutpost)  China is claiming that they don’t want a trade war with the United States and that they’re protecting their own interests (as any normal country would do), but their actions say otherwise. Via CNBC: “China does not want to fight a trade war with the United States, but we absolutely will not sit by […]

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Major Step Towards EU Army as European Leaders Sign Military Pact

(Breitbart)  The European Union has moved a step closer to an EU army with the signing of a joint military pact — with suggestions that Britain could foot part of the bill.Led by France and Germany, the pact pledges 23 EU member-states to a Common Defence Fund which will see them develop and deploy armed forces […]

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Future of the EU is uncertain | Zero Hedge

(Zero Hedge) There should be no doubt about the current status of the European Union. It’s crumbling before our very eyes. Between the sprawling unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels, the unpayable debts, the unfettered immigration, and the unprecedented emergence of conservative, nationalistic groups, it’s obvious that the EU is not long for this world. No nation […]

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EU lawmakers vote to strip Le Pen of immunity for tweeting pictures of ISIS violence — RT News

  (RT) An EU parliamentary committee has voted to lift the immunity of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, officials have said. The decision is over the graphic photos of Islamic State victims posted by the politician on Twitter. Le Pen, the leader of the Eurosceptic and anti-immigration National Front and contender for the French […]