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How Brazile’s book exposes liberal media’s Hillary health coverup – NY Post

(NY Post)  Silly, silly Donna Brazile. She’s publishing a book detailing turmoil in the Democratic Party during the 2016 campaign, highlighted by her concern that Hillary Clinton was seriously ill and might need to be replaced by Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. What’s the big deal? There’s no news here because all this was well-known and covered […]

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Justice Department charges hundreds in massive health care, opioid fraud scheme – Washington Times

(Washington Times) More than 400 people, including doctors, pharmacists and nurses, were charged in connection with a massive health care fraud scheme that bilked the federal government of more than $1 billion, officials from the Justice Department and Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday.About a quarter of those were charged with fraud specifically […]

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Daylight saving time might be killing you

(CitizensOutpost) Twice a year, the dreaded clock change nags the majority of American society as a whole.  The “spring forward” causes us to lose an hour of sleep and the “fall backward” gains us an hour of sleep.  But why was daylight savings originally adopted and how has it affected American life thus far?  The […]