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House Report Concluded Pakistanis Made ‘Unauthorized Access’ To Congressional Servers

(The Daily Caller)  House investigators concluded that Democratic IT aides made unauthorized access to congressional servers in 2016, allegedly accessing the data of members for whom they did not work, logging in as members of Congress themselves, and covering their tracks, according to a presentation summarizing the findings of a four-month internal probe. Their behavior mirrored a […]

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House prohibits sexual relationships between lawmakers and their staffers

(Washington Post)  The House voted Tuesday to prohibit sexual relationships between lawmakers and their employees, a remarkable rule change that brings the institution in line with the military and the private sector after a rash of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations roiled Capitol Hill. The prohibition, pushed by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), took immediate effect […]

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National Gun-Carry Reciprocity Bill Moves to Mark Up in the House

(Washington Free Beacon)  The national gun-carry reciprocity bill will enter the next phase of the lawmaking process on Wednesday when it enters markup in the House. The House Judiciary Committee announced on Monday it will mark up the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. The bill would require states to acknowledge the legality of each other’s […]

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Democrats introduce articles of impeachment against Trump

(Washington Times)  A handful of House Democrats officially introduced five articles of impeachment for President Trump Wednesday, accusing him of everything from breaking the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause to to being mean in his tweets about the press. Led by Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, the Democrats say Mr. Trump has obstructed justice in his dealings with then-FBI […]

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GOP lawmakers tell Sessions to probe Clinton-Comey or resign

(Washington Times)  Two House Republicans delivered an ultimatum Monday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, telling him either to name a special counsel to investigate FBI Director James Comey’s handling of last year’s election, or else resign to clear the way for someone who will. Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Matt Gaetz of Florida said questions are piling […]

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New Bill Passed To Audit The Federal Reserve

(CitizensOutpost) The House panel just approved a new bill that would create a government watchdog group that would audit the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions.  Similar bills have been passed before, but failed to gain traction in the Senate due to Democratic-led opposition.  Simultaneously, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced similar legislation in the Senate in […]