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BREAKING: Motion Filed in Flynn Case Could Unlock Evidence Proving Flynn was Framed

(CitizensOutpost)  Today, a stipulated motion was filed for protective order “Governing Discovery” in the case of USA vs. Michael Flynn: By filing this motion, the Special Counsel has essentially asked the court to grant Flynn access to all evidence that was used against him.  Both Mueller and Flynn’s legal teams are in agreement on this which […]

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Comey told Congress FBI agents didn’t think Michael Flynn lied

(Washington Examiner)  In March 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey briefed a number of Capitol Hill lawmakers on the Trump-Russia investigation. One topic of intense interest was the case of Michael Flynn, the Trump White House national security adviser who resigned under pressure on Feb. 13 after just 24 days in the job. There were widespread […]

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How CIA Director John Brennan Targeted the FBI With Russiagate

(Tablet Magazine)  Former CIA director John Brennan is having trouble keeping his Trump-Russia stories straight. On Meet the Press this past Sunday, host Chuck Todd asked MSNBC’s new national security analyst about George Papadopoulos, a volunteer adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and his reputed ties to Russia. The question should have been a simple one […]

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Another longtime Comey aide leaving FBI

(Fox News)  The longtime head of public affairs at the FBI — who was a confidant of former director James Comey — is planning to retire, Fox News has learned. A notice went out this week for a retirement get-together for Michael Kortan scheduled for Feb. 15. Since 2009, Kortan has served as assistant director […]

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Clinton-Obama Cover Up: Why Wasn’t Hillary Indicted?

(CitizensOutpost)  An eye-opening article from the National Review has identified that former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were caught with email exchanges using private email accounts and that this was the impetus for changing key language in the James Comey FBI Memo that was drafted for his press conference on July 5th, 2016: Obama, […]

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FBI Strzok-Page Texts: Obama wanted to be briefed on Clinton email probe

(Daily Mail)  An FBI lawyer wrote in a text to her lover in late 2016 that then-president Barack Obama wanted updates on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Two months before the presidential election, Lisa Page wrote to fellow FBI official Peter Strzok that she was working on a memo for then-FBI director James Comey because Obama ‘wants to know […]

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James Clapper: “Clinton-Steele Dossier” Was Used for FISA Surveillance “Extension”

(The Conservative Treehouse)  Gotta love the professionally obtuse former DNI James Clapper. As much as he is a stuttering doofus, and therein showcases his political value for the former administration; and to the extent that Clapper has previously stated there was no attempt by the DOJ/FBI to gain a FISA authorized approval for surveillance on any Trump […]