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Defecting North Korean soldier riddled with giant worms

(Legal Insurrection)  A few days ago, a North Korean soldier fled across the border to South Korea in s hailstorm of bullets from his comrades. The soldier was found on the south side of the border village of Panmunjom, about 50 meters south of the Military Demarcation Line, wounded in his shoulder and elbow, according to […]

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Dennis Rodman, basketball star, wants to ‘straighten things out’ with his friend Kim Jong Un – Washington Times

(Washington Times) The nuclear impasse between North Korea and the West may have found a possible negotiator in retired basketball star Dennis Rodman.The former Chicago Bulls rebounder discussed his friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in an interviewwith British television Wednesday and said he’d like to “straighten things out” as Pyongyang inches closer to instigating nuclear war. “For me […]

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Humiliated: Missile EXPLODES on launchpad a day after Kim Jong Un boasted North Korea is ‘ready for war’

  (CitizensOutpost) In seemingly dramatic fashion, The Sun has reported that North Korea’s latest missile test fails within seconds of launching, turning into a heaping fireball: US military chiefs confirmed Kim’s rocket had erupted into a ball of flames moments after take-off. US commander Dave Benham said: “US Pacific Command detected what we assess was […]

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Donald Trump to send B-52 NUCLEAR BOMBERS to South Korea

  (CitizensOutpost) Tensions have been rising between North Korea and the US ever since Kim Jong-un performed a series of contested missile launches.  Earlier in the week, Kim had four ballistic missiles fired into the seas near Japan.  In response, US military chiefs are reportedly planning to fly B-1 and B-52 bombers which have the […]