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Major Step Towards EU Army as European Leaders Sign Military Pact

(Breitbart)  The European Union has moved a step closer to an EU army with the signing of a joint military pact — with suggestions that Britain could foot part of the bill.Led by France and Germany, the pact pledges 23 EU member-states to a Common Defence Fund which will see them develop and deploy armed forces […]

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US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel

TEL AVIV, Israel — U.S. and Israeli officers broke ground in Israel on Monday for a permanent U.S. Army base that will house dozens of U.S. soldiers, operating under the American flag, and charged with the mission of defending against rocket and missile attack. The American base, officers in Israel say, will be an independent […]

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Air Force Secretary: Military Examining All Cases After Texas Shooter Slips Through – Newsmax

  (Newsmax)  Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said Tuesday that the Air Force is examining all other cases like that of Texas church shooter Deven Kelley, after the military branch had failed to release his criminal records, leaving him able to pass backgrounds checks and buy guns, including the three he had with him during the […]

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Unauthorized drones are buzzing a Washington, D.C. military base twice a day, study finds – CNBC

(CNBC)  Unauthorized drones are flying an average of twice a day above critical military infrastructure just 4 miles from the White House, according to new study from drone-detection start-up Dedrone and the Department of Defense.”This is a concerning rate,” Dedrone CEO Jorg Lamprecht told CNBC, “especially in light of international incidents where drones have crashed into other […]

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Kelly defends Trump’s call to Gold Star widow – NY Post

(New York Post) White House chief of staff John Kelly on Thursday gave a powerful defense of President Trump’s handling of a call to the widow of a soldier who was killed in Niger — and ripped a Florida lawmaker for politicizing the issue. “There’s no perfect way to make that phone call,” he said in his […]

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Trump Seeks “Historic” $54 Billion Increase To Defense Spending | Zero Hedge

As observed earlier in the day, as part of the leaked preliminary Trump budget, the president was set to unveil major spending increases for US defense offset by cuts to federal agencies, and other non-defense sectors. And on Monday morning, the first details emerged, including that the boost to defense spending is expected to be […]