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LAPD Sends Three Harvey Weinstein Cases to District Attorney

(The Wrap)  Los Angeles police have sent three sexual assault cases concerning disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein to the city’s district attorney for possible charges, a spokesperson for the D.A.’s office confirmed to TheWrap. The move comes three months after the D.A.’s office announced the launch of a task force tackling sexual assault cases in Hollywood. […]

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Bill Cosby Gets Partial Win In 2004 Rape Case As Judge Limits Witnesses

With a Pennsylvania judge today ruling that only one other woman can testify in Bill Cosby’s criminal case over the alleged 2004 sexual assault of then-Temple University employee Andrea Constand, the much accused comedian has gotten a bit of a legal break. Still facing a trial set to start in June and potentially a decade behind […]

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Filmmaker Beaten in Sweden Reveals Why the European Rape Crisis Is Being Ignored – Glenn Beck

  If you listen to the mainstream media, there’s a weird thing going on. All of a sudden, Sweden doesn’t have a problem. Sweden doesn’t have a rape crisis. Sweden is just fine with its massive influx of refugees. However, the facts are indisputable. Sweden is now the rape capital of the west. Yet the […]