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Trump admin to Supreme Court: No warrant needed for cellphone records

(Washington Times)┬á The Trump administration told the┬áSupreme Court┬áWednesday that cellphone records belong to telecom companies, not to their customers, as they sought to defend the ability of police to track AmericansÔÇÖ whereabouts without having to first get a warrant. The case is shaping up as one of this termÔÇÖs blockbusters, as the┬áhigh court┬ácontinues to grapple […]

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Most of the JFK Assassination Records to be released today, the rest to follow…

(CitizensOutpost) According to the National Archives, the remaining JFK Assassination records were to be released today.┬á There was already a July 2017 release of 3,810 documents, some of which were previously redacted.┬á Hopefully this time they won’t be completely and utterly redacted to the point of becoming useless: Background When Congress passed the JFK Assassination […]