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White House Admits Obama’s ‘Deep State’ Working to Stop Trump

(CitizensOutpost) The White House admitted Tuesday that the government contains an inner core of employees whose loyalties do not align with the Trump administration.  Not a new revelation, it is quite common for many employees from within the government to retain their positions throughout multiple administrations, however, the unification of these hold-overs would pose a challenge […]

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Report: Spicer Probes His Staff’s Phones in Leak Crackdown

  White House press secretary Sean Spicer is targeting his own staff in an effort to crack down on leaks to the media, including random phone checks overseen by White House lawyers, according to a Politico report Sunday. Spicer had staffers leave their phones — personal and government-issued — on a table to be checked […]

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White House Selectively Blocks Media From Press Briefing

White House press secretary Sean Spicer held a press gaggle on Friday instead of his daily press briefing, but excluded several news sources — most of whom President Donald Trump has accused of publishing “fake news” stories — from attending. CNN, reported that it was blocked from attending the gaggle, along with The New York […]