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Media Misrepresent Trump Reversal of Obama-Era Mental Health Gun Regulation – Free Beacon

(Washington Free Beacon)  In the wake of the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Tex., a number of media outlets misled their audience on the Trump administration’s reversal of a mental health-related gun regulation from late in the Obama administration. Reporters for CNN, NBC News, and other outlets have framed the February action as President Trump […]

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Air Force Secretary: Military Examining All Cases After Texas Shooter Slips Through – Newsmax

  (Newsmax)  Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said Tuesday that the Air Force is examining all other cases like that of Texas church shooter Deven Kelley, after the military branch had failed to release his criminal records, leaving him able to pass backgrounds checks and buy guns, including the three he had with him during the […]

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Recently incarcerated Saudi Prince linked to 5 independently managed floors inside Mandalay Bay – Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB) — Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s recent arrest, along with the arrest of 10 other princes and over 38 cabinet ministers, has created quite a stir within the intelligence community after it was revealed publicly last Tuesday on ‘The Alex Jones Show with special guest Shepard Ambellas‘ that the Saudi-based private military company ETS […]

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Deep State connections to Las Vegas Shooting Revealed

  (CitizensOutpost)  A former Special Forces Command Officer joined Alex Jones and Shepard Ambellas on Info Wars via phone to discuss deep state connections to the Las Vegas Shooting.  Among the information discovered, public disclosures have revealed that George Soros purchased $42 million worth of stock put options in MGM just prior to the shooting and […]

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Authorities put brakes on information flow in Las Vegas shooting – LV Review Journal

(LV Review Journal)  Fifty-eight people killed. More than 500 injured. And yet, nearly a month after the Las Vegas Strip experienced the worst mass shooting in modern American history, local and federal authorities are refusing to fill in the blanks. It wasn’t always like this. In the days after Oct. 1, when Stephen Paddock opened […]