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Supreme Court allows President Trump’s travel ban to go fully into effect

  (CNBC)  The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to fully enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries. The justices, with two dissenting votes, said Monday that the policy can take full effect even as legal challenges against it make their way through the courts. […]

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Washington state to join Hawaii in challenging Trump’s new travel ban

(CitizensOutpost) Washington State’s attorney general, Bob Ferguson said on Thursday that he will join Hawaii in challenging President Trump’s revised travel ban. Attorney general Bob Ferguson said he will ask a federal court to apply the current temporary restraining order to the new ban, arguing that it still suffers from legal flaws despite significant changes. Defending the Constitution “cannot be a […]

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President Trump Signs Travel Ban 2.0 – NBC News

(NBC News) The Trump administration on Monday rolled out the second edition of a controversial immigration executive order, which temporarily suspends immigration into the United States from now only six predominantly-Muslim countries. Citizens from the affected countries — Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Libya — will be subjected to a 90-day ban on travel […]

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Americans rally for impeachment of ‘travel ban’ judges – WND

(WND) Americans are already planning at least 51 pro-Trump rallies across the nation in the coming weeks, but at least one crowd of protesters in Memphis, Tenn., will meet March 4 to also demand impeachment of the two federal judges who blocked President Trump’s travel ban. “People I talk with want President Trump to know […]