China Pulling out of North Korean Air Space

(CitizensOutpost) Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has reported flights to Pyongyang, North Korea have been cancelled by China’s national airline, Air China: CCTV had reported that all flights run by the airline between the two cities were to be suspended indefinitely. Although that was the official report from state owned media, […]

North Korea state media warns of nuclear strike if provoked as U.S. warships approach – Reuters

  (Yahoo/Reuters) North Korean state media on Tuesday warned of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of U.S. aggression as a U.S. Navy strike group steamed towards the western Pacific. U.S. President Donald Trump, who has urged China to do more to rein in its impoverished neighbour, […]

Putin says US is preparing to bomb Syrian capital and will blame Bashar-al Assad – Mirror

(Mirror) Vladimir Putin has sensationally claimed that the US is preparing airstrikes on the Syrian capital – and will pin the blame on Bashar-al Assad’s forces. The Russian leader made the astonishing claim – that the US is planning to FAKE chemicals weapons attacks – during a joint press conference with […]

Humiliated: Missile EXPLODES on launchpad a day after Kim Jong Un boasted North Korea is ‘ready for war’

  (CitizensOutpost) In seemingly dramatic fashion, The Sun has reported that North Korea’s latest missile test fails within seconds of launching, turning into a heaping fireball: US military chiefs confirmed Kim’s rocket had erupted into a ball of flames moments after take-off. US commander Dave Benham said: “US Pacific Command […]

Donald Trump to send B-52 NUCLEAR BOMBERS to South Korea

  (CitizensOutpost) Tensions have been rising between North Korea and the US ever since Kim Jong-un performed a series of contested missile launches.  Earlier in the week, Kim had four ballistic missiles fired into the seas near Japan.  In response, US military chiefs are reportedly planning to fly B-1 and […]

North Korea Could Soon Launch Attack on Hawaii – Free Beacon

(Free Beacon) North Korea could soon have the capacity to launch an attack on Hawaii that would devastate America’s Pacific military bases, accelerating the need for the United States to upgrade missile defenses in the area. The United States today relies on ground-based ballistic missile interceptors deployed in California and […]

North Korea’s Not Testing Missiles, It’s Training For War | The Daily Caller

(The Daily Caller) North Korea’s latest missile launches were not tests, they were instead military exercises — preparations for war. North Korea fired four scud missiles into the Sea of Japan early Monday morning. The missiles, which were fired from a known missile base in the Tongchang-ri region, flew over 600 miles. Three […]