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Russian Ties: Trump attacks Hillary Clinton uranium deal on Twitter

(CitizensOutpost / Op-Ed) Trump is back on the offensive with his latest tweets:

As the Russia probe into the Trump administration continues, Trump has taken to the people, via Twitter, to reveal news reports that received little to no attention:

In his demands for a probe Monday, Mr. Trump referred to several matters — most already acknowledged and reported — related to Mrs. Clinton, former president Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

The most damning was the charge of pay-for-play influence-peddling, under which Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state was part of the panel that signed off on a deal permitting Russia’s nuclear agency to buy a 51 percent share of a Canadian firm that had control of 20 percent of the known uranium deposits in the U.S.

Nine investors in the Canadian company, Uranium One, gave $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, though almost all of it was from a single individual who sold his stake in the company before the Russian purchase. According to the New York Times, less than $3 million came during the time the deal was being negotiated.

With democrats crying foul over Trump’s alleged Russian ties, Trump is moving the spotlight back over to Hillary Clinton and the trail of corruption she left behind.  If justice is to be served, then all parties should be under equal scrutiny for their alleged collusion.  Along this whole Russia narrative, reports about the DNC Russian hacking theory are also revealing how there is still a lack of conrete evidence to pinpoint the culprit to a Russian agent.

Source: Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton uranium deal on Twitter as pressure mounts for Russia probe – Washington Times

Photo:  (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)