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New Bill Passed To Audit The Federal Reserve

(CitizensOutpost) The House panel just approved a new bill that would create a government watchdog group that would audit the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions. ┬áSimilar bills have been passed before, but failed to gain traction in the Senate due to Democratic-led opposition. ┬áSimultaneously, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced similar legislation in the Senate in which┬áthe overall political climate may be more apt to pass such a measure:

For those who are not aware of the history of the Federal Reserve or why legislation would even be necessary to hold them accountable, a great documentary by James Corbett will help educate:

In a time when increasing nationalism is trying to change the direction of the United States, the Federal Reserve is an anomaly considering its sovereignty over money policy and connection with foreign bank interests.

Source: House Panel Passes Bill To Audit The Federal Reserve