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Lower Manhattan Truck Rampage Leaves 6 Dead: Sources – NBC New York

  (NBC New York)  At least six people were killed and 15 were injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon in what authorities are investigating as an act of terror, officials tell News 4 New York. More than a dozen people were hit when a Home Depot rental […]

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Trump campaign gave feds the goods on Papadopoulos, says White House – Washington Times

(Washington Times)  The White House on Tuesday said it was the Trump campaign that gave the feds the goods on George Papadopoulos, a low-level campaign aide who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about dealings with Russia.“Papadopoulos is an example of someone doing the wrong thing while the campaign was doing the right thing,” […]

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JFK files show informant told CIA Hitler was living in Colombia – NY Post

(NY Post)  An informant told the CIA that Adolf Hitler survived World War II and was living with ex-Nazis in Colombia in the 1950s, according to newly declassified documents. The source told the agent, whose code name was Cimelody-3, the former Fuehrer was alive and that an ex-SS agent named Phillip Citroen had been in […]

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Paul Manafort Indictment: No Signs of Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ | National Review

(National Review)  Do not be fooled by the “Conspiracy against the United States” heading. The Paul Manafort indictment is much ado about nothing . . . except as a vehicle to squeeze Manafort, which is special counsel Robert Mueller’s objective — as we have been arguing for three months (see here, here, and here). Do not be fooled by the […]

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Corey Feldman Vows To Release Names Of 6 Powerful Hollywood Pedophiles | Zero Hedge

(Zero Hedge)  For years, actor and former child star Corey Feldman has been warning anybody who would listen that Hollywood is a place where adults have more inappropriate contact with children than probably anywhere else in the world. So it’s unsurprising given the renewed focus on sexual assault and harassment brought about by the Harvey […]


Consumer confidence hits highest level since December 2000 – CNBC

(CNBC)  Consumers were even more optimistic in October than economists polled by Reuters expected. Consumer confidence rose to 125.9 in October, according to the Conference Board. The index “increased to its highest level in almost 17 years,” Lynn Franco, Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board, said in a statement. That was in December […]

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Why ESPN Could Abandon NFL Football – Hollywood Reporter

  (Hollywood Reporter)  It’s not outlandish to entertain a previously unthinkable prospect: Might ESPN elect to go without rights to NFL games? ​In a span of less than five years, industry giant ESPN has seen its narrative transformed from that of a mighty colossus into the hard-luck tale of a ragtag warrior. As it struggles […]