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Is this the end of Diane Feinstein?

(CitizensOutpost)  The proverbial writing appears to be on the wall for Senator Diane Feinstein.  According to NPR, Feinstein lost her endorsement for her re-election bid at the Democratic Party’s annual convention in San Diego.

Via NPR:

It was a sign of things to come. The grass-roots Democratic activists gathered at the party’s annual convention in San Diego this weekend implicitly rebuked the state’s senior U.S. senator by denying her the party’s endorsement for her re-election bid.

Feinstein finished far behind de León, the top Democrat in the state Senate. De León received 54 percent of delegates’ votes to just 37 percent for Feinstein. It takes 60 percent to receive an endorsement.

While the lack of an endorsement certainly won’t keep Feinstein off the ballot, it’s a sign that grass-roots Democrats are eager to supplant leaders who are seen as too moderate and willing to compromise.

Democratic Party activists have never really been Feinstein’s people. In 1990, when she was running for governor, she came to the party convention and expressed her support for the death penalty, eliciting boos from the liberal crowd. She lost the party endorsement to John Van de Kamp but got the nomination anyway, ultimately losing the November election to Pete Wilson.

Feinstein’s politics also appear to not be quite in line with the current liberal progressives who lean even more left than Feinstein:

She said the Senate Appropriations Committee, which she sits on, would never approve $25 billion for Trump’s wall along the Mexico boarder. But minutes later, de León’s team sent texts noting that Feinstein had just voted for exactly that as part of the “Common Sense Coalition” immigration plan that failed to get through the Senate.

Given her age, this may be Feinstein’s final campaign.

Source: California Democrats Decline To Endorse Another Term For Sen. Dianne Feinstein : NPR