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Handgun Confiscated in Seattle Under Extreme Risk Protection Order

(CitizensOutpost)  In a remarkable landmark enforcement of a new Washington gun confiscation law, a man suspected of mental illness was forced to surrender his firearm due to an “extreme risk protection order”.

Via The Seattle Times:

Seattle police this week pre-emptively seized a firearm from a person considered an extreme risk under a new law.

On Thursday, police served an extreme risk protection order on a 31 year-old man in Belltown, requiring him to turn over all his firearms. The man had multiple incidents of harassment, including while armed, and had previously failed to comply with a judge’s order to surrender his guns as part of a criminal case, according to police. When he failed to appear for a court hearing, police got a warrant, confronted him outside his apartment and seized a .25 caliber handgun inside.

“He was harassing and threatening some of his neighbors, and the behavior had been escalating,” said Seattle police Detective Patrick Michaud, a department spokesman.

Although a few dozen extreme risk protection orders have been issued around the state, Seattle Police claim they are the only agency so far that have had to confiscate a gun because of non-compliance of an owner.

Via KATU Portland:

“There’s certainly a big concern of the connection between mental health and people exhibiting violent behavior and whether or not they should have access to firearms. The ‘erpos’ give us that tool now as an option,” said Sgt. Eric Pisconski, who leads the crisis response unit for the Seattle Police Department.

The confiscations only last a year, although they can be renewed.

As the debate over the 2nd Amendment heats up, the strategy that law enforcement agencies proceed with when it comes to newer gun control laws will be under a microscope by other lawmakers.  Gun owners will be taking note of the kinds of criteria that are being used to classify individuals as an “extreme risk”.