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Andrew McCabe Was Under Investigation Before Donald Trump Became President

(CitizensOutpost)  In spite of the mainstream media’s outrage over the firing of Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, it turns out he has been under investigation since before Trump became President.  It will be difficult to keep up the smokescreen that somehow McCabe’s firing has some underlying partisan agenda because the recommendations for his firing came from within the FBI.  Let’s also not forget that it was the Democrats that called for the Inspector General to investigate the Bureau since the Hillary Clinton Email scandal took suit.

Via Fox News:

Guy Benson from Townhall also notes the hypocrisy of Democrat’s outrage over McCabe’s firing:

McCabe’s firing came as the result of information gleaned by the Justice Department’s nonpartisan Inspector General.  Michael Horowitz was appointed to that position by President Barack Obama and was confirmed by a Democratic Senate.  Not only that, his discovery of McCabe’s apparent wrongdoing (unauthorized media leaking, about which McCabe later “lacked candor” with investigators) came in the context of a sprawling IG examination of the FBI’s handling of various Clinton-related scandals and investigations in the run-up to the 2016 election.  That investigation was demanded by Democrats, who cheered its announcement (McCabe’s current lawyer even referred to the probe as “welcome news” in a Washington Post op/ed).  Also, when did that soon-to-be-concluded investigation commence?  Early January 2017, before Donald Trump took office.  To recap: McCabe’s fireable misconduct was unearthed by a Democrat-demanded inquiry that was launched during the Obama presidency, led by an Obama-appointed and Democrat-confirmed watchdog.

McCabe has been caught as one of the officials who has leaked to the mainstream news over internal disputes between the FBI and Department of Justice.  Losing his pension will be the smallest of his worries as deeper ongoing investigations zero in on the malfeasance and ill-intent of government officials like McCabe, because they will be potentially liable for criminal violations of the law.  Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice, including the Inspector General, Mike Horowitz, seem to have a trap set for these long standing officials who have been used to getting away with such shadowy activity for too long.

Source: Andrew McCabe Was Under Investigation Before Donald Trump Became President (VIDEO)