About Us

Fed up with the Fakestream media, CitizensOutpost was founded in February of 2017 to compile based, red-pilled commentary on the news.  No special interest groups.  No political correctness.  Just the raw pursuit of Truth.

There are no limits to where sources of news are aggregated from, but analysis and commentary are crucial in sifting through the narratives towards open thought, liberty and freedom of speech. We strive to foster an environment where the principals of the constitution are upheld and the reader can be informed and equipped with powerful knowledge.  When it comes to the news, Question everything because we are in the Calm Before The Storm.

CitizensOutpost’s green snake logo is a modern off-shoot of the Gadsen Flag snake which has become known as an American symbol of revolutionary freedom and liberty.  We felt it best represents the attitude that CitizensOutpost takes when it comes to accurate reporting of the news.  Our sources are double checked prior to publishing and we have a high confidence in the reliability of our sources, although of course it is always possible for things to fall through the cracks.  This is where the majority of fakestream media fails to overcome:  once factual errors are discovered, they should be corrected and/or redacted as needed in a comprehensive and responsible effort to promote the full extent of the truth.  This is journalistic integrity.  If any articles found on our site contain outdated or inaccurate information please feel free to send us an email tip.