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Andrew McCabe Was Under Investigation Before Donald Trump Became President

(CitizensOutpost)  In spite of the mainstream media’s outrage over the firing of Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, it turns out he has been under investigation since before Trump became President.  It will be difficult to keep up the smokescreen that somehow McCabe’s firing has some underlying partisan agenda because the recommendations for his […]

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Obama Administration may have Moved Data from NSA Cloud to CIA Cloud to Avoid Audit Trail

(CitizensOutpost)  The compartmentalization of the Intelligence Community is an ubiquitous web of separate agencies that are connected at the top by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  Longstanding agencies such as the NSA and CIA have their intel stored on massive cloud servers which are intentionally segregated and operate under different jurisdictions. The […]

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The US could finish off ISIS if Turkey would stop fighting the Kurds, Pentagon says

(Washington Examiner)  The battle between U.S.-backed forces and Islamic State fighters is still raging in Syria’s Middle Euphrates River Valley, but not much ground is changing hands. Just as the forces, which include Kurdish fighters, are poised to finish off the last remnants of ISIS, Turkey torpedoed the final push with its own offensive against […]

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Florida teen stabbed boys, woman at sleepover because of Muslim Faith

(CitizensOutpost)  A teen attending a sleepover on Sunday night in BallenIsles Country Club, fatally stabbed a boy on his 13th birthday.  Two others were also injured. Via the Palm Beach Post: Corey Johnson, 17, was arrested Monday after he reportedly confessed to stabbing the three people while he spent the night at a friend’s home […]

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Sessions Rising: Department of Justice Will Finally Be Able to Expose Operation Fast and Furious

(CitizensOutpost)  The Department of Justice has just announced that substantive documents will now have to be produced after a six year battle of litigation: Via Justice.gov: Today, the Department of Justice entered into a conditional settlement agreement with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and will begin to produce additional documents related to […]

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Handgun Confiscated in Seattle Under Extreme Risk Protection Order

(CitizensOutpost)  In a remarkable landmark enforcement of a new Washington gun confiscation law, a man suspected of mental illness was forced to surrender his firearm due to an “extreme risk protection order”. Via The Seattle Times: Seattle police this week pre-emptively seized a firearm from a person considered an extreme risk under a new law. […]

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Tariff Turmoil: Why is Steel so Important?

(CitizensOutpost)  Steel has become the center of attention recently due to President Trump’s indication that he wants to impose tariffs on steel imports from abroad: To protect our Country we must protect American Steel! #AMERICA FIRST — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 5, 2018 We are on the losing side of almost all trade deals. […]