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The US could finish off ISIS if Turkey would stop fighting the Kurds, Pentagon says

(Washington Examiner)  The battle between U.S.-backed forces and Islamic State fighters is still raging in Syria’s Middle Euphrates River Valley, but not much ground is changing hands. Just as the forces, which include Kurdish fighters, are poised to finish off the last remnants of ISIS, Turkey torpedoed the final push with its own offensive against […]

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Tariff Turmoil: Why is Steel so Important?

(CitizensOutpost)  Steel has become the center of attention recently due to President Trump’s indication that he wants to impose tariffs on steel imports from abroad: To protect our Country we must protect American Steel! #AMERICA FIRST — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 5, 2018 We are on the losing side of almost all trade deals. […]

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China says it does not want a trade war with US but its actions say otherwise

(CitizensOutpost)  China is claiming that they don’t want a trade war with the United States and that they’re protecting their own interests (as any normal country would do), but their actions say otherwise. Via CNBC: “China does not want to fight a trade war with the United States, but we absolutely will not sit by […]

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Turkish President Erdogan condemned for child martyrdom comments

(CitizensOutpost)  Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is in the midst of controversy as a recent video has surfaced showing the President calming a very young, crying child, assuring her that she would receive state honors if she were killed in battle. Via The Daily Mail: The Turkish president has appeared in a bizarre video in […]

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Jewish Temple Organizations are Producing Half-shekel Coins with Trump’s Profile

(CitizensOutpost)  To commemorate the President’s support of Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem with the announcement of the moving of the U.S. embassy, Temple organizations have issued a new half-shekel coin. Via IsraelNationalNews.com: Temple organizations have issued a half-shekel coin, the likes of which the Torah mandates every Jewish male must donate to the Temple, with a […]

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Latvia’s Banking Sector Rocked by U.S. Probe of North Korean Sanction Violations

(CitizensOutpost)  Latvia’s ABLV Bank has been accused of violating North Korean sanctions. Via Reuters: Latvia’s ABLV Bank sought emergency support on Monday after U.S. officials accused it of helping breach North Korean sanctions while the country’s central bank chief faced bribery allegations, turning up the spotlight on its financial system. The Baltic country, which is […]

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Evidence shows Pope Francis is a ‘principal in a cover-up’ of clergy sex-abuse in Chile

(CitizensOutpost)  Evidence is mounting that the Pope is aware and complicit in a cover up of sex abuse in the Vatican.  Cloaked in mercy, the Pope has not been punishing those guilty of such heinous crimes. Via Life Site News: Those familiar with Jorge Bergoglio in Argentina before he became Pope Francis say it is […]