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Ben Rhodes launches a shadow National Security Council

(CitizensOutpost)  Obama’s former administration officials are actively forming a shadow National Security team.  Key players include former National Security Advisors Susan Rice and Tom Donilon, former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, and socialist former Defense Department official Rosa Brooks. Via AmericanThinker.com: Shadow cabinets are hardly an American tradition – they are British – but Rhodes, possibly […]

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Second Representative Expelled Since #metoo Movement

(CitiznesOutpost)  A second representative has been expelled since the MeToo movement began.  Democratic Representative Steve Lebsock from Colorado was forced to step down, but in a surprising twist he changed political parties in the process, seeking asylum from accusations that he vehemently denies. Via Fox News: A Colorado state Democratic lawmaker was expelled Friday amid […]

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Democrats introduce bill banning assault weapons

(CitizensOutpost)  Here we go again.  Democrat Representatives David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) have introduced a bill on Monday to ban “assault” weapons. Via The Hill: The legislation, called the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, was introduced less than two weeks after the mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school that left 17 […]

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Is this the end of Diane Feinstein?

(CitizensOutpost)  The proverbial writing appears to be on the wall for Senator Diane Feinstein.  According to NPR, Feinstein lost her endorsement for her re-election bid at the Democratic Party’s annual convention in San Diego. Via NPR: It was a sign of things to come. The grass-roots Democratic activists gathered at the party’s annual convention in […]

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Trump at CPAC: Democrats ‘Will Take Away Your Second Amendment’

(Breitbart News)  President Trump warned CPAC attendees on Friday that Democrats will take away tax cuts and the Second Amendment if given control of Congress. He said, “They will take away those massive tax cuts and they will take away your Second Amendment.” President Trump polls CPAC crowd on if they'd prefer the Second Amendment […]

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State Sen. Carlos Uresti found guilty in federal fraud case

(CitizensOutpost)  Another Democrat will now have a new office view from behind bars. Via ABC News KVUE: A jury has found State Sen. Carlos Uresti guilty of all charges in this high profile case that’s captured not only the attention of the audience here, but nationwide. The verdict was read in court around 11:00 a.m. […]

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Are Democrats Starting to Turn on the Obama Administration about Russian Election Meddling?

(Washington Examiner)  President Trump on Sunday praised Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for putting some of the blame for Russian interference in the 2016 election on former President Barack Obama, while still referring to the California congressman derisively as “liddle.” “Finally, Liddle’ Adam Schiff, the leakin’ monster of no control, is now blaming the Obama Administration […]