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Nunes Next Target: CIA Ex-Director John Brennan will be Under Investigation

(RealClear Investigations)  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes next plans to investigate the role former CIA Director John Brennan and other Obama intelligence officials played in promoting the salacious and unverified Steele dossier on Donald Trump — including whether Brennan perjured himself in public testimony about it. In his May 2017 testimony before the intelligence panel, Brennan […]

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BREAKING: Carter Page – The Linchpin to Deep State Spying on Trump – Was Member of Clinton Transition Team

(The Gateway Pundit)  There has been much written about Carter Page, the so-called Russian expert and volunteer on the Trump campaign.  Carter Page sat on a campaign committee that met only once during the campaign.And yet the FBI relied on Page to continue to spy on Donald Trump, his campaign members, his family and then his […]

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Intelligence Committee approves release of Dems’ rebuttal to FISA memo

(Fox News)  The House Intelligence Committee on Monday approved the release of the Democratic rebuttal to the highly-publicized GOP memo that alleges government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign. “We think this will help inform the public of the many distortions and inaccuracies in the majority memo,” California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the panel, told […]

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Adam Schiff: FISA Memo May Lead to Oklahoma City Style Bombing (VIDEO)

(The Gateway Pundit)  Adam Schiff appeared on ABC Sunday morning to speak with George Stephanopoulos about the FISA memo. Stephanopoulos brought up Schiff’s claims that the Trump admin is working to discredit Mueller. “You know, you talked about this strategy to discredit the Mueller investigation. Is it working?” Stephanopoulos asked. “Well, I don’t think it’s […]

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Dig Deep: Inside The Memo – A Key Distinction between “Title I” and “Title VII” Authorization

(The Conservative Treehouse)  There is a key distinction being overlooked, perhaps conflated, by many who are reviewing the recently released HPSCI memo as it relates to the outlined targeting of U.S. individual Carter Page. In the HPSCI outline it specifically notes the targeting of U.S. individual Carter Page was NOT a FISA Title VII search request.  Title VII is FISA(702), […]

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Intel Leak: GOP Train Accident, Hawaii Missile Alert and Superbowl False Flag

(CitizensOutpost)  Zach, a former Special Forces Command Intelligence Officer rejoined Alex Jones on Info Wars via phone to discuss recent events including: House Intelligence Committee Memo (aka Nunes FISA Abuse Memo) GOP Train Accident Hawaii Missile Alert Incident Upcoming Potential Super Bowl False Flag Attempts Much more! Watch here:

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House Intelligence Memo released: Here’s what it says

(Washington Examiner)  The House Intelligence Committee has released its controversial memo outlining alleged abuses of secret surveillance by the FBI and Justice Department in the Trump-Russia investigation. Here are some key points: The Steele dossier formed an essential part of the initial and all three renewal FISA applications against Carter Page. Andrew McCabe confirmed that […]