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Intel Leak: GOP Train Accident, Hawaii Missile Alert and Superbowl False Flag

(CitizensOutpost)  Zach, a former Special Forces Command Intelligence Officer rejoined Alex Jones on Info Wars via phone to discuss recent events including: House Intelligence Committee Memo (aka Nunes FISA Abuse Memo) GOP Train Accident Hawaii Missile Alert Incident Upcoming Potential Super Bowl False Flag Attempts Much more! Watch here:

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Another US Navy ballistic missile intercept reportedly fails in Hawaii

(Defense News)  WASHINGTON — A test shoot of the SM-3 Block IIA fired from an Aegis Ashore test site in Hawaii failed Wednesday, CNN has reported. The missile is designed to intercept ballistic missiles. If confirmed, it would mark the second unsuccessful test of the Raytheon missile in the past year. It also deals a setback to U.S. missile […]

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Hawaii’s false missile alert sent by worker who thought attack on U.S. was imminent, FCC says

(Washington Post)  The Hawaii employee who sent out a false alarm earlier this month warning of an incoming missile attack said he misheard a message played during a drill and believed a ballistic missile was actually heading for the state, according to a federal investigation. This contradicts the explanations previously offered by Hawaii officials, who have said the Jan. […]

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Worker who sent Hawaii missile alert isn’t cooperating with investigation

WASHINGTON D.C. (HawaiiNewsNow) –  The state worker who inadvertently sent the false missile alert to all Hawaii phones is not cooperating with federal or state investigators, authorities said Thursday. “We are quite pleased with the level of cooperation we have received from the leadership of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency thus far,” Lisa Fowlkes, chief of the […]

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Hawaii’s false alarm shows incompetence of liberal government

(Washington Times)  Hawaii. Even just the name promises paradise, and rightly so. The islands and her people are magnificent, an example of how humanity can be a working partner with the power and beauty of nature. Until politicians and the incompetent (but I repeat myself) turn a tool meant for good into a button for terrorizing. […]

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Confirmed: NBC News crew spotted inside bunker that sent Hawaii missile alert, just hours before alert went out

OAHU (INTELLIHUB) — It’s been confirmed that an NBC News crew gained access to a highly-secure bunker facility in which the Jan. 13 “ballistic missile threat” alert message was sent from, just hours before the message was broadcast, reportedly in error. “Hours before the false alarm sounded with warning of an inbound missile we had […]

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Days after Hawaii alert gaffe, Japan issues false alarm about a missile launch

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued a false alarm about a North Korean missile launch on Tuesday, just days after a similar gaffe caused panic in Hawaii, but it managed to correct the error within minutes. It was not immediately clear what triggered the mistake. “We are still checking,” an NHK spokesman said. […]